Pulkit Steel TMT Bars


  • SIZE : 8mm to 40mm
  • PRICE : Buy More Pay Less!
  • SHIPPING CHARGE : Free(Min. of 10 metric tonns)
  • PAYMENT MODES : Cash, Demand Draft, Net Banking
  • DELIVERY PERIOD : Nextday Delivery
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Pulkit TMT a high quality CRS corrosion resistance steel products from PULKIT STEEL ROLLING MILLS established in the year of 2002 manufacturing plain rounds, TMT re-bars, and CTD bars with advanced technical specifications. Pulkit TMT produced with the aim to reduce the customer's material consumption and ensuring competitive prices with high quality raw materials and innovative technology makes it an efficient product among others.

Quality Implementation

  • Strict adherence to sampling & testing of steel chemistry
  • Detailed sampling of finished products
  • Rolling in negative tolerance
  • Ensuring timely dispatches to the customer
  • Advanced products through technological upgrades
  • Strict cost cutting in processes to deliver value to the customer
  • Ensuring systematic working procedures
  • High team motivation to meet the company's vision
  • Strict adherence to ISI standards & procedures
  • High strength and high ductility.
  • Superior bendability.
  • Added safety of the structure.
  • Corrosive Resistant