JSW Neo Steel TMT Bars


  • SIZE : 8mm to 40mm
  • PRICE : Buy More Pay Less!
  • SHIPPING CHARGE : Free(Min. of 10 metric tonns)
  • PAYMENT MODES : Cash, Demand Draft, Net Banking
  • DELIVERY PERIOD : Nextday Delivery
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JSW Neo Steel bars a superior quality Neo Steel JSW TMT PLUS bar with higher strength coupled with flexibility. This is a specially designed JSW TMT bars for earthquake prone zones and have superior earthquake resistance. These bars can be bent into customized shape in spite of having very high strength due to their inherent microstructure that has a soft ferrite and pearlite core. JSW Neo Steel, due to its unique rib pattern, bonds firmly with concrete, creating a life long bond.
JSW Neo Steel, is made through state-of-the-art MORGAN technology, which is known for producing high quality HYQST (High yield Quenched and Self tempered) through METCS (Morgan enhanced temperature control system) Process. it has become the preferred product for all major projects in a short span of time. From the Metro Rail to Monorail, National Highways, Energy Projects and many more.

  • Higher flexibility and strength
  • Unique rib pattern
  • Earthquake resistant
  • Cost effective